Mugen Souls Releasing on Steam on October 22

Posted on October 16, 2015 by
Mugen Souls Releasing on Steam on October 22

Ghostlight has recently announced that Mugen Souls will be released on Steam on October 22, 2015. Mugen Souls is a JRPG for the PlayStation 3 and created by Idea Factory, the creators behind the Agarest series, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Fairy Fencer F.

Mugen Souls takes place in a galaxy containing seven worlds shimmering in seven colors, with each world developing its own unique culture independently of one another. However, one day a decree was made by Chou-Chou, the "Undisputed Goddess." She declared that everything in all seven worlds was going to bow down to her.

Mugen Souls contains the following features:

  • Free-roaming style battle maps where combo moves can be executed and Hyper Mode is activated by destroying Crystals.

  • The Moe Kill technique allows players to turn enemies into items by exploiting their weaknesses.

  • Characters are customizable, from physical appearances to job classes.

  • Dual audio is included, so the game can be enjoyed in both English and Japanese.

  • Full mouse and keyboard support, gamepad support, Steam achievements, and User Interface and graphical enhancements included.

Mugen Souls will launch with at $19.99, being sold at a 40% launch discount. A week after release, Ghostlight will also release the console DLC, also for a 40% discount. In addition, Ghostlight will include 30 DLC items from the console version as part of the base game for free.