Motor City Comic Con 2014 - Recap

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Motor City Comic Con 2014 - Recap

This was the 25th anniversary of Motor City Comic Con (MCCC 2014). This year the Michigan-based comic convention took place May 16-18, 2014 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. The Realm of Gaming staff and I were able to cover the convention all day on Saturday (May 15, 2014) and part of the day on Sunday (May 16, 2014). There were many media guests including William Shatner and Karl Urban and even more Comic Guests and plenty of booths promoting and selling comics, artwork, t-shirts and more. Some of the most well-known media and comic guests had their own panels to talk about their work and answer questions from the convention attendees. There were a lot of booths with amazing artwork. We also had the opportunity to interview Jordan Trovillion (actress and singer), David Petersen (artist - Mouse Guard) and Daniel Phillips (makeup and prosthetic artist). I was able to meet two of the cast of Lost Girl that were at MCCC, Kristanna Loken, and (very briefly) Karl Urban. This was by far the longest that I’ve stayed at a convention and for good reason.

David Petersen Mouse Guard Interview

I’m glad we had the opportunity to interview Jordan Trovillion, David Petersen and Daniel Phillips. They talked about their current and upcoming projects as well as some background information. We should have those posted soon thanks to Fable Productions!

Motor City Comic Con 2014 Cosplay

Kristanna Loken, most known for her role in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, told us about some of her upcoming projects including Mercenaries (aka Prison Raid) and Maid for You. She also played in the 1990’s Mortal Kombat: Conquest TV Series.

Rachel Skarsten and Paul Amos - Comic Con 2014

Two from the cast of Lost Girl appeared at the Motor City Comic Con - Paul Amos and Rachel Skarsten. Paul Amos was really cool to meet as well and mentioned that he did voice work for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. He is well known for his role as Vex in the TV series, Lost Girl. Paul Amos and Rachel Skarsten were set up at booths right next to each other. Rachel Skarsten is also well known for her role as Tamsin in Lost Girl and Dinah on the 2002 TV series Birds of Prey. It was exciting to meet both Paul and Rachel.

Karl Urban - Comic Con Panel 2014

Karl Urban had a panel in the afternoon on Saturday and he discussed his roles and experiences from Star Trek, Almost Human, Riddick and others. Karl Urban was very cool and entertaining and openly answered questions from the audience in the room. When asked about the fate of the TV show, Almost Human, Urban said that he was most sad for the fans of the show since it will not continue past the first season. He shared some of the humor from on-set during the new Star Trek film. He will also be in the third of the rebooted Star Trek movies.

Rita Power Rangers Cosplay

As always, many convention-goers came as their favorite characters from films, video games and anime. Cosplayers included a male and female Scorpion (from Mortal Kombat), Kitana and Sub-zero (also from Mortal Kombat), Rita Repulsa (from Power Rangers), Hellboy, Transformers, Umbrella Soldiers (from Resident Evil) and many Star Wars characters (Darth Maul, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Jedi Warriors and Stormtroopers).

The Art of Video Games Booth

Of the many booths that were at the convention, here are a few of the ones we were able to drop by: Level Up Studios, Super-Chi Studios, Grand Rapids Comic Con, Lydia's Vintage, J.M. Dragunas, Toledo Museum of Art, 734 Designs, The Collector's Zone, Fine Art Sketches, Brian Woodward, and NEN.

Jedi Warrior Cosplay

Motor City Comic Con was a great experience this year. In their 25th year, they had expanded a bit over past years and definitely had a lot of entertainment lined up. The panels were great, the media guests were down-to-earth. It is always cool to see all the varied cosplayers. There was a lot to choose from to purchase from comics and art to t-shirts. I look forward to seeing what Motor City Comic Con has in store for us for 2015!

Full Disclosure: We were provided press passes to cover this year’s event.