Motor City Comic Con 2010 Recap

Posted on May 23, 2010 by
Motor City Comic Con 2010 Recap

By Christian P. Schmidt III

The 21st annual Motor City Comic Con was held at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi Michigan May 14Th - 16Th. At 9:10 am Saturday morning the will call line was already 300+ deep with fans dressed as Superman and other favorite Super hero's and characters from TV and Comic books. The doors opened at 10:00 for those who purchased tickets in advance. Once through the doors I headed for a well known Comic book write and illustrator David Petersen's booth. The creator of Mouse Guard David has two full titles under his belt Mouse Guard Fall and Winter. He is currently working on Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard first issue coming out sometime mid-Summer. David Petersen is one of many talented artist's that frequent the comic con seen including Katie Cook, Justin Chung, Al Feldstein, Eric Lynch, Stan Sakai and, Matt Bush just to name a few. Every artist that you stop to see and talk with are more than happy to answer a question or sign their work.

The Con also attracts movie and TV star's from some of your favorite shows. Ray Park was there signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. He played Darth Maul in Star Wars. Ray also played Toad in the X-Men, Edgar in Heroes, and Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe. Marina Sirtis was there also you might recognize her more as Deanna Troi from Star Trek: Next Generations. Linda Blair from the Exorcist movies was also sign autographs and pictures. Each year Motor City Comic Con brings out a nice range of star's for fans to talk with and get a pic or piece of history signed.

Many people dress to impress at the Con. One group in particular was the 501st Legion of the Great Lakes Garrison. An Imperial Star Wars costuming group that is involved in local charities as SCAMP, Toys for Tots, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. They had a huge turn out this year seeing how it was their 501st event. They even had a cake to commemorate the many events that they have attended. They also took the opportunity to use this occasion to honor Justin Chung with an plaque as an honorary member of the 501st Legion. Justin is a well known Star Wars artist his next stop will be at the San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, CA this is one of the biggest Cons in the world.

Aspen Comics booth was large and stood out from the crowd this year. Founded by Micheal Turner Aspen comics is becoming a mainstay in the comic industry. I Got a chance to talk with Frank Mastromauro - Co-owner and president. They have one of the largest trade paper backs I have ever seen with there Fathom Volume #1 its over 600 pages and the graphics are amazing. Coming out May 26th is there new comic line Fathom Blue Descent #0. They currently have 2 other comic lines going on Soulfire and Iris. If you get a chance check out some of there work the artist talent that they have is going to be pumping out great graphic novels for some time

My six hour stay at the con was fun and exhausting. Each year at the comic con adds memories and comics to my collection. From meeting people in line waiting for your per-order will-call tickets to having people stop you so they can give you their email to get the pic you just took of them dressed up. And yet even though you think you have hit every booth there on your way out you always see a booth you did not get a chance to stop at giving you a reason to come back next year... as if I needed one.