Mortal Kombat X Preview

Posted on September 28, 2014 by
Mortal Kombat X Preview

Mortal Kombat X (pronounced with the letter, not as the Roman numeral ten) was recently first unveiled at E3 2014 in California. The latest game in the Mortal Kombat universe is being developed by NetherRealm Studios and lead by Mortal Kombat co-creator, Ed Boon. The game will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Mortal Kombat X will be available for purchase on current generation consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC) as well as the last generation of consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3). Another development team other than WBIE will be working to bring Mortal Kombat X to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Mortal Kombat X has a new plot, updated gameplay elements and many new features unique to this iteration of the game.

There is a brand new storyline that takes place 25 years after the events at the end of the story of Mortal Kombat (2011)brand new storyline that takes place 25 years after the events at the end of the story of Mortal Kombat (2011). Thus far the following characters have been revealed: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Cassie Cage (the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade), Kotal Kahn, D'Vorah (half-insect, half-human), Ferra / Torr, Raiden (the thunder god) and the mercenary Kano. Goro has even been confirmed for pre-order. Mortal Kombat X will include guest characters just like Mortal Kombat (2011) that had Freddy Krueger. The main bad guy in the game has been finalized but has not been revealed, though Ed Boon did state (in an interview) that it will be a “surprise returning character." I wonder who this may be? Regardless, the new cast of characters seem to be a good mix of new and old to keep the series feeling fresh.

Some gameplay elements of the previous games have returned along with new features for Mortal Kombat X. The energy meter is back and refined. X-Ray moves are back, from Mortal Kombat (2011), and of course Fatalities are back and more gory and gruesome than ever. Players will also be able to interact with the game environments similar to Injustice: Gods Among Us. For instance there is a zombie-like character in the bog that can be thrown at your opponent. There are also trees and boxes that you can jump off of. There will be three variations of each character each with slightly different fighting styles. Scorpion will have a Hellfire variation (focused on his fiery moveset), Ninjutsu variation (where he uses two swords), and an Inferno variation (where he can spawn minions from Hell).

Mortal Kombat (2011) was the best-selling Mortal Kombat of all time. We will have to wait an see if Mortal Kombat X can best that. The graphics look amazing so far (at 1080p) and the game is running at 60 frames per second. The new storyline and characters will change things up while also keeping things somewhat familiar for Mortal Kombat fans. The gameplay will combine the great things from Mortal Kombat (2011) and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Fighting game fans should definitely keep Mortal Kombat X on their radar! Mortal Kombat X is currently scheduled for release in North America on April 14, 2015.