Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 Trailer Released

Posted on December 17, 2015 by
Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 Trailer Released

Telltale Games has recently released a trailer for Episode 4 of Minecraft: Story Mode. Episode 4 marks the end of the Saga of the Wither Storm, and it will be available for download on December 22, 2015. It will be launched on PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, compatible iOS devices, and compatible Android-based devices.

Minecraft: Story Mode tells the tale of Jesse, a hero that is either female or male based on what the player chooses. Jesse and their friends revere the Order of the Stone, the group of people who slew the Ender Dragon. However, before they get a chance to meet the Order of the Stone, Jesse discovers that something is wrong and that something horrible has been unleashed. Together with their friends, Jesse sets out to find the Order of the Stone and prevent catastrophe from overtaking the world.

Episode 4 has the Wither Storm being more dangerous than ever. Jesse and friends discover that there is one thing that can destroy the command block at the heart of the Wither Storm, but they will need to go into the Farlands to find it. Complicating things are uneasy allies and ailing friends threatening to fracture the group. The final battle against the Wither Storm approaches, and the first story arc will soon end.

Episode 5 will introduce a new story arc, and it is scheduled for an early 2016 release.