Microsoft's Xbox One E3 2013 Press Conference Recap

Posted on June 21, 2013 by
Microsoft's Xbox One E3 2013 Press Conference Recap

Microsoft probably had the most obstacles to overcome coming in to this year’s E3; obstacles they themselves built. Their announcement of the Xbox One was an “all-in-one media box” blitz with a dash of Call of Duty that meant little to nothing to most gamers. On top of that, the following weeks of DRM announcement after DRM announcement slowly dragged down the high hopes of Xbox fans everywhere. With games like Diablo 3 and SimCity fresh in their minds, gamers started to view the Xbox One as one expensive headache, and cried out for a game to make all that agony worth it.

Microsoft maybe greedy, but they aren’t dumb. Microsoft knew that gamers wanted games. That’s why their E3 conference was back to back game announcements. Most likely this was their plan from the beginning; they got all their obligatory non-gamer, media services out of the way pre-E3, so they could blow the competition out of the water with more games than anyone could have anticipated.

Microsoft came out of the gate swinging with a meaty Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay trailer, and then got the Xbox 360 news out of the way early so the Xbox One could dominate the stage. On top of announcing an Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks, Microsoft announced a free games program for Xbox Live subscribers similar to that of Playstation Plus. The first two games announced for this program were Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed II which is a bit of a letdown when compared to the games given out through PS Plus like Deus Ex Human Revolution this month.

With the current generation out of the way, the next-gen exclusives train started rolling. The first exclusive revealed was the Roman centurion game Ryse. Two years ago at E3, Ryse was teased as a first-person Kinect game. Since then, Ryse has ironically fallen and landed in the muck of QTEs. In the trailer they showed, it was hard to tell where cinematic ended and gameplay begun. Following Ryse was Rare’s reboot of Killer Instinct, Insomniac’s latest over-the-top shooter Sunset Overdrive, and the obligatory E3 racing game Forza 5.

Multiplatform juggernauts were also in attendance. ProjecktCD brought The Witcher 3 to show off, and announced Kinect and Smartglass support for the Xbox One version. After a quite an awkward technical hiccup, DICE showcased Battlefield 4 running beautifully on the Xbox One, and in true EA style, announced the Xbox One owners would be getting the game’s DLC before anyone else. Capcom also showed up to the party with Dead Rising 3; a game that, to the surprise of many gamers, will be an Xbox One exclusive.

Before concluding, Microsoft snuck in a Halo announcement trailer that seemed to have a much different tone than every Halo game before it. However, it hasn’t be confirmed if that trailer was for Halo 5 or something else. After that, Microsoft said the Xbox One would be release in November for $499, and walked off the stage to the reveal of Titanfall, a Microsoft exclusive (so PC as well) game that seemed to blend Call of Duty, Tribes, and MechAssault into one gorgeous game.