Microsoft Offering Rewards for Achievements.

Posted on September 29, 2012 by
Microsoft Offering Rewards for Achievements.

Microsoft has announced a new program titled MyAchievements that will offer Xbox Live Gold members the opportunity to claim some form of reward for their achievement collecting ways.

The rewards will be broken down into three sections based on the amount of achievement points gained. These levels will be titled 'Contender' (for those with 3000-9999 achievement points),' 'Champion' (for those with 10,000-24,999 achievement points) and 'Legend' (for those with over 25,000 points).

Each reward level will provide players with a special gift during their birthday month. The 'Champion' level will also provide a 1% rebate on your Xbox Live Marketplace purchase every month, while the 'Legend' level will provide a 2% rebate.

Source: IGN