Metroid: Other M Review

Posted on January 31, 2011 by
Metroid: Other M Review

Review by Jason Venter

New video games are released each week. Some of them are more exciting than anything we've seen before and some are not. Some are incredible experiences that push the medium forward and some are content to rely on past accomplishments to generate goodwill. Each new release means that when you sit down to play a game, you have more options than you ever would have enjoyed in the past. Each new game of quality ensures that you will have fewer reasons to ever consider playing something that you don't adore. Gaming is an exercise in choice and there are few reasons to play anything but the very best games.

That's bad news for Metroid: Other M, which is not one of the very best games. It merely exists, relying on the success of past Metroid gameswhich were some of the very best games up to and beyond their release dates to satisfy its audience but never exhibiting the sort of compelling design that helped those earlier titles to build a fan base in the first place. In short, Metroid: Other M is only worth a look if you love the Metroid series and you have decided that you'd rather play a decent Metroid game than a great something else.

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