Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Release Date Approaches

Posted on July 10, 2013 by
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Release Date Approaches

July 10, 2013 is the date that Mario & Luigi fans should be dreaming about, because it marks the date that the latest installment of the series, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. is released.

Mario and Luigi, along with Princess Peach, are invited to the Pi’illo resort. However, their vacation is rudely interrupted when Peach is kidnapped by a being known as Antasma. In order to chase down Antasma and rescue the princess, the brothers must enter the Dream World and successfully navigate its strange landscapes. However, it appears that Mario’s archnemesis Bowser has formed an alliance with Antasma; the two seek something known as the Dream Stone that will grant them great power.

The key to navigating the Dream World is Luigi. Mario enters the Dream World through Luigi’s dreams while Luigi, even in sleep, can help Mario navigate it. The powers of Dreamy Luigi can do many things, whether it is helping create new ways to open paths in the Dream World, or helping Mario out in battle. The Dream World allows all sorts of crazy antics, whether it is summoning many tiny Luigis or making him grow gigantic to tackle monsters such as big.

Mastery over the Dream World is crucial if the brothers are to put a stop to the ambitions of Antasma and Bowser. Those who wish to take on the challenge should be ready to get the game on Friday July 10.