Major League Baseball 2k11 Review

Posted on June 28, 2011 by
Major League Baseball 2k11 Review

Review by Calvin Kemph.

Playing Major League Baseball 2K11 feels reminiscent of days spent taking in a game at the local Minor League Ballpark. It delivers a sufficient level of baseball that are fun while they last, but much of what is on show comes across as equally unambitious. It remains a series that has always dreamed of playing in the big leagues one day and continues taking the necessary steps towards achieving that goal. The problem is in the series' batting average. Out of all the times 2K have stepped up to the plate, they've yet to release the Definitive Simulation Baseball Experience, despite continuing to issue iterative refinements.

After last year's game introduced completely revamped batting and pitching controls, the series showed signs of life for the first time in years, with a well-devised marketing plan banking on the precision of the pitching. These dramatic plate battles remain the focal point of MLB 2K11, receiving further tightening, alongside other less noticeable fixes.

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