Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Multiplayer Confirmed

Posted on January 28, 2013 by
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Multiplayer Confirmed

Some new information about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has been brought to light, particularly about the multiplayer mode that will be included.

The game will feature a multiplayer mode where up to four people can tackle different challenges together. In Hunter Mode, every player takes on the role of a different color Luigi as they attempt to capture every ghost in the vicinity before the clock strikes zero. The rewards for taking on this challenge are bonuses and upgrades depending on the players’ performances. This mode allows players to set how many floors are in the challenge as well as the difficulty, ensuring that it is suited for both newcomers and veterans.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is the direct sequel to the Gamecube game Luigi’s Mansion released in 2001. In the sequel, Luigi must once again take up the Poltergust and help Professor E. Gadd deal with the legion of ghosts running wild in haunted mansions. He is tasked with fixing the Dark Moon that, when intact, pacifies the ghosts and makes them docile. Luigi will have several mansions to traverse this time and will need to use his head to deal with the many challenges in his way.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is currently set for a March 24, 2013 release.