Lord of Arcana - PSP Review

Posted on March 23, 2011 by
Lord of Arcana - PSP Review

Review by Louis Bedigian

Lord of Arcana left me speechless. Not in the way that video games often do; in fact, when a game is ostensibly good or offensively bad, it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut. It is in my nature to talk about games to praise their prowess and attack their asinine mistakes.

But Lord of Arcana, with its generic battle system, run-of-the-mill characters and sleep-inducing hack-n-slash combat, is a game that struggles to excite the player.

The problems start with the avatar creation screen, at which point you are tasked with creating a very simple male or female character. Players can choose from 16 different faces, three skin tones, eight hair styles, nine hair colors, and eight voices. The latter choice ranges from mildly annoying to extremely whiny, especially for the female character.

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