Leviathan Trailer for "Mass Effect 3" Released

Posted on August 24, 2012 by
Leviathan Trailer for

A trailer for the “Leviathan” DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 has been released.

There are rumors of something that is powerful enough to kill a Reaper, something that could help Commander Shepard in the war, something known as the Leviathan. The Commander now has to race against time in order to figure out the secrets of this mystery before the Reapers get to it first and deprive them of a chance to turn the tides of war.

The DLC takes place during the main story of Mass Effect 3 and will feature new missions surrounding the mysterious Leviathan in new locations. There will also be new characters to interact with as well as new weapons and weapon mods to use in combat such as the AT-12 Raider and the M-55 Argus.

The DLC pack is slated for release on August 28, 2012 in the U.S. and on August 29 in Europe. It will be available for 800 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360, 800 Bioware Points for the PC, and $10 USD for the PlayStation 3.