Lead Level Designer's Free Torchlight II Mod

Posted on May 8, 2013 by
Lead Level Designer's Free Torchlight II Mod

Blanks Landmarks adds several new variations of many Landmark chunks throughout Torchlight 2. Landmark chunks are those such as: The Warbeast Armory, and the Slavers Camp and so on. This mod does not alter, or override any of the base files, it simply adds more level variation through by adding to the pool of already existing chunks and therefore should be compatible with all other mods.


+10 New level chunks that are randomly mixed in with existing landmark chunks in the overworld areas of Act 1.
2 New Warbeast Armory chunks
2 New Cemetery chunks
2 New Water Temple chunks
2 New Slavers Camp chunks
2 New Wickers Grove chunks

*This is a WIP mod. I plan on adding new landmark chunks for all Acts of the game.

PatrickB's Disclaimer: I am a Runic employee, but this is a personal mod and not supported by Runic Games in any way.

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