KOEI TECMO Releases Attack on Titan Teaser

Posted on November 5, 2015 by
KOEI TECMO Releases Attack on Titan Teaser

KOEI TECMO has recently released a teaser trailer for an upcoming game based on the popular manga Attack on Titan. The game's title has not been finalized yet.

Humanity lives in fear of Titans, mysterious giants that have a taste for human flesh and are nigh impossible to put down. Humans live in a great walled city that prevents the Titans from getting in, until the day when a colossal Titan appears and smashes a great hole in the wall. Now, Titans are pouring into the city, and humanity must fight back or be eaten. Titans may be powerful, but they are not invincible; if humanity is to survive, they must take up the sword.

The teaser shows that the game will feature the 3D maneuver gear from the manga, allowing players to zip around the cityscape while trying to slash at the Titans' weak points. The main character seems to be the manga's protagonist Eren Yeager, though it's unknown if the game will allow you to play as any other character at this moment.

The game is also said to be slated for a 2016 western release.