Joymax Announces Digimon Masters Updates

Posted on November 15, 2011 by Jason Leyanna
Joymax Announces Digimon Masters Updates

Joymax announced today (November 15, 2011) that there will be new content and changes applied based on player feedback to their online MMO title, Digimon Masters. On November 1st, they launched the first part of the update addressing issues with experience point deductions and low drop-hatch rates. In addition, new Digi-Eggs were added to the cash shop: Keramon, Hawkmon, and Petimeramon. Future content updates are planned for November and December 2011 and will included expanded payment methods for the cash shop, a new game server (Lucemon), eight new Digimon and three new maps. Other changes are planned for 2012, but are as of yet unannounced.

"We set in place a number of measures in order to limit the negative impact of real-money trade and botting on Digimon Masters, but quickly came to the realization while these were effective in deterring RMT, they were also overly punitive to our players." said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim. "The player's voices have been heard on this issue and others, and we're committed to addressing their concerns in a timely manner."

Players that would like to join may register at the Joymax portal.

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