Ironcast DLC Released Today

Posted on November 13, 2015 by
Ironcast DLC Released Today

Development studio Dreadbit and publisher Ripstone have recently announced the release of DLC for their steampunk mech combat game Ironcast. There are two DLC packs that are available on the PC, Mac, and Linux: the Stirling Pack and the Windsor Pack.

The Stirling Pack includes a brand new Ironcast and a new Commander. The new Ironcast is the Stirling, which makes use of a magnetic limpet cannon to blast enemies with electrical energy. The new Commander is Commander Katherine Chapman, whose signature augmentation is to reward players with additional resources of every type if they match long chains of nodes. She also has double the chance of finding rare blueprints from fallen enemies.

The Windsor Pack also includes a new Ironcast and a new Commander. The new Ironcast, the Windsor, uses a unique device to steal a layer of shield defense from its opponents. The new Commander, Henry Brent, rewards players with a temporary shield boost if they match long chains of nodes. His Ironcast also always starts a game with an active shield layer.

The DLC can be purchased for $3.99. Ironcast will also be released on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One sometime in early 2016.