Infinium Strike Slated for Q2 2016 Release

Posted on January 5, 2016 by
Infinium Strike Slated for Q2 2016 Release

The Kickstarter-funded strategy action game Infinium Strike has been announced to have a Q2 2016 release. The game was Kickstarted by former members of Ubisoft forming a group called Codex Worlds.

Infinium Strike is set hundreds of years in the future. Humanity is at war with the Wrog, a race of sentient alien ships dedicated to wiping out all humans. Humanity has recently discovered a powerful resource known as Infinium, a resource that could help them in the battle against the Wrog. Using Infinium, the ship known as Freedom Strike was created. Players take on the role of chief weapons officer on the Freedom Strike and will use a wide selection of weapons systems, fleet ships, and technology to defeat the Wrog.

The game will have a Campaign Mode where players start as a young soldier and rises to the rank of Admiral as they fight against the Wrog. There will also be an Endless "Deep Space" Arcade Mode where players try to last as long as they can against a stream of Wrog invaders.

The open beta download for the Infinium Strike demo can be found here. The official site for the game can be found here.