I Can't Escape: Darkness Reveals New Trailer and Release Date

Posted on August 26, 2015 by
I Can't Escape: Darkness Reveals New Trailer and Release Date

Fancy Fish Games has recently revealed a gameplay trailer and a release date for their upcoming game I Can't Escape: Darkness. The game will be released onto PC, Mac, and Linux, and its release date is September 17, 2015.

I Can't Escape: Darkness is a horror adventure game where the players are stuck inside a dungeon. Everything inside of the dungeon is determined to ensure that the players stay inside it, and the Darkness gets closer and closer as the lights within the dungeon die out. To make things worse, if the player dies, the dungeon will change itself before the players can try again, creating new obstacles to deal with. Players must stave off the Darkness with any light they can find while also trying to figure out how to survive and escape.

The gameplay trailer introduces a phrase that players can expect to see throughout the game: "After [X] steps…" Players will see this phrase when they die, or detailing what the players are doing in the game. Players can share their progress with others from the game's death screen through Twitter.

The game will be sold for $11.99. Its Steam page can be found here.