Hard West Release Pushed Back to November 18

Posted on October 30, 2015 by
Hard West Release Pushed Back to November 18

CreativeForge Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment have recently announced that their upcoming game Hard West has had its release delayed. The release date has been pushed back to November 18 to give developers more time for finishing touches and fine-tuning.

Hard West features a man named Warren as its protagonist. A series of tragic events have set him on the path of vengeance, and he is on the hunt for those who had wronged him. The world he lives in is a cruel and unforgiving one, with death as a constant specter hanging above all. His journey will take him to dark places, and there are demons out there that are willing to lend their aid, for a price.

Hard West will have the following features:

  • A world where Western legends meets demons, with arcane rituals, cults, and the walking dead.

  • Turn-based combat where players command a 1-4 person squad on tactical maps with unique story-based objectives.

  • Special abilities gained by collecting and equipping cards gained from completing objectives, exploration, bartering, and more; the cards can be combined to form even more powerful combos and unlock new options in battle.

  • Choices made before or during combat scenarios that affect future scenarios and determine the fates of the cast of characters.

  • The combat cover system allows players to make use of the environment and turns maneuvering and flanking effective tactics.

  • A shadow spotting mechanic allows players to see out-of-sight enemies by the shadows they cast and the sounds they make.

  • A ricochet system allows gunslingers to shoot beyond the line of sight and increases tactical options for players.

  • Forty weapons inspired by historical firearms.

Hard West will be available on Windows PC and Mac.