GrimGrimoire Now Available on PSN

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GrimGrimoire Now Available on PSN

GrimGrimoire was originally release on the PlayStation 2 (in 2007) by NIS America. The game was co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software and Vanillaware. The game is a side-view real-time strategy where you take on the role of Lillet, who enrolled in a school of magic. Something mysterious has happened and she must determine what happened to all the other school children.

Check out our review of the game on the PlayStation 2:

GrimGrimoire is a 2D real-time strategy game from NIS America. It has been localized and brought here for our pleasure.

You will play as Lillet Blan, who is a newly admitted student at the Silver Star Tower. Gammel Dore is the headmaster who introduces Lillet to the magic and helps you get started with the gameplay. You will also come to meet other characters along the way, teachers (even a devil that teaches sorcery - Advocat) and other students during the story part of the game. Other professors of magic include Opalneria Rain for Necromancy and Chartreuse Grande for Alchemy. You come across Margarita who was rescued by the headmaster. An honor student is also met that is learning Necromancy Hiram. The other part is the strategy where you take on given challenges and defeat the enemies while you watch as the time goes by on the timer.
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