Go to Bed: PC Version Released Today

Posted on October 20, 2014 by
Go to Bed: PC Version Released Today

Touchfight Games has recently announced the release of the PC version of their debut game Go to Bed: Survive the Night.

Go to Bed is the story of a young boy who is being haunted by malevolent shadows. The shadows manifest during the night and the player needs to help keep the boy alive until sunrise. Players can harness the power of light in order to keep the monsters at bay, but must act fast as the waves get bigger and the monsters become more determined to reach the kid. The game features a storybook-esque art style and also includes a Mum Rush mode that provides players with an extra challenge.

The game is currently out as an Early Beta for the PC. Players who purchase it receive the current version of the game plus access to future updates, a digital download of the game’s soundtrack, and eventually a Steam key.

The iOS version of this game will be released soon. More information can be found on Touchfight Games' website.