Gen Con Indy 2013 Recap

Posted on September 11, 2013 by
Gen Con Indy 2013 Recap

Gen Con Indy. This event claims to be the best 4 days in gaming. And thus far each year that I have gone, it really has been.

The main exhibit hall is filled with a number of vendors. In this hall you can demo games, purchase them, and also purchase other items. Companies such as Mayfair games, Steve Jackson games, Cubicle 7, and Fantasy Flight are just a few that were present this year. In the exhibit hall you can also purchase a variety of different products. One of the most interesting ones I saw this year, was animatronic cat ears that supposedly move in a manner accordance with your brain activity. Other interesting products I saw included foam swords/weapons, stained glass artwork fitting for various fan-doms (like mario, dr who and the like) and some in the form of different dice. There were a few vendors selling steam punk merchandise. And many vendors, such as CoolStuffInc and Troll and Toad were represented as well.

I purchased artwork in the exhibit hall from Tommy Castillo (to add to my already large collection of his work) and had the opportunity to get a picture with him. He was at Gen Con last year as well.

This year I discovered a couple of rooms at the convention that I hadn't been to before (which really doesn't mean much because Gen Con is ENORMOUS). One of The rooms was the Rio Grande Room. The other was a room where you could play video games.
The Rio Grande Room made a number of games available to play that are published by Rio Grande. Some of these included dominion (with a number of expansions) and Lost Cities. Both of which I played during my time at the convention.
I was most impressed that the Rio Grande room provided on numerous nights, catered food. Along with coffee, ice water, and a variety of sodas all for free.

And, as i mentioned, the convention doesn't just have board and card games either. Friday I went into the video game room (so far I have discovered one free room and one that you pay admission- 3 generic tickets to) - another room at the convention I had never been to.

There was no lack of cosplay this year at the convention. My sister pointed out and got a picture of one of the best ones we saw during the convention. It was three men dressed as Radagast, Soromon, and Gandalf. Some other noteworthy cosplays I saw over the weekend included: cookie monster and big bird (i was surprised to see them), Wolverine, Captain Jack Sparrow (who made an appearance at Gen Con last year as well.

Yet another exhibit hall in the convention center is where just a few of the tournaments take place and where you can pay generic tickets to play games. Games like Catan, Ascenscion, Munchkin, Startrek TCG, Tribbles, and more, were in this hall.

And there is the play test hall. Here you can go and playtest games for free.

There are, of course, a ton of other things as well. Gen Con offers spouse events, seminars, tournaments, and just so much more. That 4 days just never seems like enough time to see it all.