Releases NarcoGuerra

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Releases NarcoGuerra, developer of Endgame:Syria, has recently announced the release of their latest game NarcoGuerra.

NarcoGuerra is about the ongoing War on Drugs taking place in Mexico, a brutal skirmish that has already claimed several thousands of lives. The player takes on the role of the Mexican authorities as they attempt to liberate parts of Mexico from the clutches of the drug cartels. However, there is also corruption in the police force that will make stamping out drugs even harder; it will be a very uphill battle where the stakes are enormous.

Developer Tomas Rawlings stated that he intended this game to not only entertain video game players but also to educate them on a controversial subject. He hopes that this game will be a medium in which people can help better understand why the War on Drugs is happening and why, despite all of the efforts being put in to put an end to it, the War keeps raging on.

NarcoGuerra is now available on iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch, Android, PC, and Mac.