GTA Online Prison Break Heist: Double Score Weekend!

Posted on July 16, 2015 by
GTA Online Prison Break Heist: Double Score Weekend!

The Prison Break Heist will award double RP & GTA$ payouts through Sunday, July 19th. And to make things easier for those who don't have the right credentials or appropriate residence to perform heists yet, Rockstar is there to help out. Dynasty 8 will have select high-end Los Santos apartments for 25% off and there is whole range of GTA Online activities offering double RP which include:

-Armored Trucks
-Collecting Bounties
-Completing Daily Objectives
-Crate Drop Collection & Enemy Kills
-Destroy Vehicle Targets
-Distract Cops
-Flight School
-Gang Attack Completion and Enemy Kills
-Holding up a Convenience Store
-Import/Export Vehicle Delivery
-Impromptu Race
-Killing a Mugger
-Lester Kill Targets
-Losing Wanted Levels
-Plane Takedown

Also, make sure to stay tuned over the next few days for more updates that are set to be announced including a special limited-time price reductions on select gear and vehicles!