Furi Announced for Spring 2016 Release

Posted on October 14, 2015 by
Furi Announced for Spring 2016 Release

The Game Bakers, a French indie studio, has recently announced that their upcoming game Furi will be released some time in Spring 2016. Furi will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Furi is a game where players duel deadly adversaries in fast-paced combats. The opponents players will face are all designed by Takashi Okazaki, creator of the manga Afro Samurai. Each opponent has a unique fighting style that players will need to study in order to defeat. The game will also feature a soundtrack composed by up-and-coming electro musicians such as Carpenter Brut, who created the theme for the game trailer.

"I have long dreamed of making a game of pure boss fights, with a focus on dueling and besting enemies who rival your own skill and strength," says Creative Director Emeric Thoa. Thoa says that he designed Furi with Japanese action games in mind, games that reward skills and reflexes.

The official site for The Game Bakers can be found here.