Fund Raising Campaign for Dimiria

Posted on August 6, 2012 by
Fund Raising Campaign for Dimiria

Indie development studio Softnetix Entertainment is currently running a fund raising campaign at Indiegogo for their upcoming RPG game Dimiria: the Agrarian Falls.

The game takes place on a continent known as Andhere Terrae which is on the brink of war; the Hiristians seek to conquer the entire continent not only for their resources but to carry out their grudge for not being able to conquer the continent during a previous war. The players are tasked with going on the front lines and helping to drive off the Hiristian threat.

Players will get to choose the type of hero that best suits their style of play; warrior, mage, and rogue all have their own unique abilities and offer different experiences. They will be accompanied by a variety of companions that also have their own unique powers, allowing players a wide variety of choices when selecting a party to take on a mission.

The game will consist of roughly 60 missions that help unfold the story and take the players through all sorts of environments that help shape Andhere Terrae. There will also be three stages of difficulty so that players of all kinds can enjoy it.

More information on the fund raising campaign can be found at the Indiegogo site here.