Frag Dolls Announce New Team Member

Posted on April 6, 2012 by
Frag Dolls Announce New Team Member

From the Press Release:
The Frag Dolls, a professional all-female gaming team recruited by Ubisoft, are thrilled to reveal their newest team member at PAX East, Melonie “Cryptik” McElhannon, along with a brand new class of Cadette interns, who will all make their debut appearance at PAX East this week in Boston.

Known also as “Melonie Mac,” Cryptik has been gaming all of her life and has cultivated a sizeable following among various social media outlets through sharing her passion of gaming with the world. Cryptik is definitely not a stranger to the gaming industry having previously worked at Razer, a gaming peripheral company. With additional accomplishments such as an impressive 2k+ arena rating in World of Warcraft, along with multiple local tournament winnings for Super Smash Brothers Melee and Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Cryptik has always been passionate about competitive gaming and she has the skills to prove it.

“Cryptik has demonstrated a genuine passion for video games, along with having the skill set and experience to really contribute to our team in a big way,” said Amy Brady, co-team captain, of the Frag Dolls.

In addition to acquiring their newest team member, the Frag Dolls have also recruited a new class of girls into their Frag Doll Cadette program, which serves as a year-long internship with Ubisoft and the Frag Dolls. After reviewing countless applications, an in-depth interview process and intense deliberation, Ubisoft and the Frag Dolls have narrowed down a cast of eight pro-level gamers, bloggers, and online media personalities from all over the country.

“By far, this was the most challenging Cadette application process yet,” said Kimberly “Sabre” Weigend, Frag Doll. “A multitude of inspiring and passionate women applied to our Cadette Academy this year, and we are very pleased with the outcome. They’re all very excited make their public debut at PAX East and I know they’re going to rock it!”

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