Fractured Space "Frontline" Update Launched

Posted on October 22, 2015 by
Fractured Space

Edge Case Games have recently launched an update for their tactical space MOBA Fractured Space. The update is titled "Frontline" and brings a new Frontline Mode to the game which focuses on high-speed, straight ahead fleet combat.

Frontline Mode takes place on a single lane, which will give players a different experience compared to the multi-lane fleet combat of Fractured Space. Players are assigned to random ships with a Frontline Loadout at the start of the game. The ships are picked from the full roster, which means players might be assigned to ships they have not yet unlocked. Aggressive play is encouraged in this mode, and if the countdown reaches zero, the game goes into Sudden Death with no respawning.

The update also has a few new additions. There are two new ships: the Displacer and the Overseer. The Displacer is a tactical support ship that manipulates enemy positions to control the conflict zone, while the Overseer is a sniper with a single huge cannon. Aside from the two new ships, the update also includes several new ship skins.

The full build notes for the "Frontline" update can be found here.