For The King On Steam Greenlight And Kickstarter

Posted on September 15, 2015 by
For The King On Steam Greenlight And Kickstarter

Indie developer IronOak Games has announced campaigns for their online rogue-like RPG has launched on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.

For The King features modern low-poly visuals, turn-based combat, and persistent choices to deliver the legendary adventures of traditional RPG's all in one single play session. Heroes will need to survive cunning creatures, wicked weather, and brutal dungeons as they solve the mysterious death of the king to bring order to the land.

This game also features online cooperative play, a unique feature for roguelikes, along with full single player gameplay. Quest hunters can embark on journeys with up to three players online and fight together through a procedurally generated world that makes every encounter, every challenge, every weapon and every location an exclusive adventure for friends and solitary heroes alike.

IronOak Games is seeking to raise $40,000 CAD on Kickstarter and rewards for backing range from a digital copy of the game, in-game rewards, and a physical illustrated "Adventurer's Guide" to designing your own weapons and armor, and becoming a playable character in the game. The money raised will go towards finalizing the game's audio, animation, and such.

To support For The King on Kickstarter, head over to and to vote for For The King on Steam Greenlight, check out

And don't forget to check out the gameplay trailer below.