First Look at the Killzone 3 Beta

Posted on November 15, 2010 by
First Look at the Killzone 3 Beta

By Greg Knoll

The Killzone series has always, I believe, been Sonys answer to the Halo franchise. With its post-apocalyptic world, its gritty, unforgiving wasteland like structure and bizarre, New World Order structure it serves as the pinnacle of Sci-fi shooters available for PlayStation owners. While those descriptions may seem almost clich when describing the genre, Killzone has always stood out with its attention to detail, incredible maps and a multiplayer mode that typically turns into a catastrophic, chaotic war that brings the death toll into the thousands. It is one series that seems to do almost everything right, and gives to FPS fans everything theyve been looking for.

And a lucky few of us were allowed a sneak-peak for the anticipated Killzone 3 -- set to hit stores February 11th, 2011. Though on paper thats mere months away, for fans of the series and those of us charging around in the Beta version that wait is far too long.

Even on days where not many are playing, you get an understanding for how expansive Killzone 3 will be. Though only few maps are available, the game feels huge. The Dam quickly became my favorite area to play in, featuring countless two story buildings, girders and bridges both functioning and broken down and several ports that provided seemingly limitless hiding areas if you could find them, and countless death traps if you couldnt. At times I would play with upwards of a dozen people, and every situation turned into a frantic, unyielding massacre that had me checking every corner, spinning about and firing blindly to save my life.

Every game became a fight, no matter which of the three options I chose: Guerrilla Warfare is a team-based battle with simple ruleskill everyone on the other team. Highest body count wins. Warzone is another team-based battle, but here the rules are constantly shifting randomly to different styled games like capture the flag, assassination and protection. Operations is similar, only this time cut-scenes are introduced to highlight the game-leaders.

While in the game, you have the option of choosing which job to take on. While some require you to kill, others have specific duties you can perform. Nothing ever kills you, only mortally wounds you and you have typically five seconds before you die. If a Medic happens upon your soon-to-be corpse, they can heal yousaving you from a death, and your team from losing any more points. Broken down ammunition boxes litter the battlefield, but if you haveor arean engineer, you can repair them with the press of one button. They can also deploy automated turrets to guard corners or high-traffic areas. Others have cloaking abilities, anti-radar and camouflage.

With each new level gained, you earn the ability to unlock even better features or increase the speed/time of the ones you already have. The longer you play, the more beneficial it becomes and the more entertaining it will be.

If you need practice, you can also step into the bot zoneanother feature that allows you to play all the modes provided in multiplayer but where you can choose the difficulty of your opponents and you dont need an Internet connection to enjoy.

Theyve also seemed to address little issues like load times, bugs and even made the controls feel more responsive. I would have liked at least a little insight into the upcoming story mode or even a teaser-trailer, but those are only complaints from a rabid fan. In addition, I know they will add more modes when the game comes out but I do hope they feature at least one that isnt based on teams. Sometimes I hate the people I play with and simply want to kill things solo.

Minor complaints really.

If the Beta version is any indication as to how good Killzone 3 will play, then Im going to pre-order my copy as we speak.

Really. Im serious. I know Im not the only one. For those who havent played it, just trust me.