Fire Emblem Awakening Released

Posted on February 4, 2013 by
Fire Emblem Awakening Released

After nearly ten months of waiting, fans of the Fire Emblem franchise will finally be able to enjoy the latest game in the series: Fire Emblem Awakening.

Fire Emblem Awakening tells the tale of Chrom, younger brother of Queen Emmeryn of Yslisse and leader of the Shepherds, a group of fighters dedicated to protecting the civilians from attacks by bandits and other malicious forces. Chrom’s life takes a strange turn when he finds a mysterious amnesiac individual who turns out to be a brilliant tactician. At the same time, the nation of Plegia has also seemed to turn hostile and now threatens Yslisse. To top it all off, yet another mysterious individual appears before Chrom, but this masked mystery makes quite a claim: the individual claims to be “Marth,” the Hero-King from ages past.

Fire Emblem Awakening brings several features back from the previous games as well as a few new ones. Characters can now team up to combine their strengths, giving stat boosts to each other to fight enemies or defend weaker units. Teaming up also builds up relationship values, potentially allowing characters to unlock support conversations and build up on their stat boosts, perhaps even providing something extra in later chapters. Skills also make a return, allowing characters to gain unique abilities that allow them greater capabilities when it comes to tearing through the enemy army.

For a limited time as well, the first downloadable episode for the game will be available for free. “Champions of Yore 1” will pit Chrom and his friends against Spirit Talismans that have taken the form of heroes past, the heroes being Fire Emblem characters from past games. Completing this episode will allow players to recruit a unique unit: Marth, hero of the first and third Fire Emblem game, of the Lodestar class.

Fire Emblem Awakening is also available for download on eShop for those who are having difficulty securing a physical copy. “Champions of Yore 1” is also available for download.