Final Fantasy XV Live Action TV Spot

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Final Fantasy XV Live Action TV Spot

Square Enix and Omelet worked together on the creation of the "Stand Together" TV spot to promote the release of Final Fantasy XV. "Stand Together" is about four best friends on an adventure and features music from Florence + the Machine - a cover of "Stand by Me."

From the press release:

"The goal of FINAL FANTASY XV has been to make the game as open and as accessible as ever. We wanted to do something different for fans and newcomers of the franchise to invite them to stand together for the celebration of the launch of FINAL FANTASY XV," said Mat Kishimoto, Square Enix Senior Product Manager. "We're excited to have worked with Omelet to produce this piece that merges together the worlds of gaming and live action. We're blown away by the amount of collaborative effort, creative energy, and passion we've been able to bring together for this project."

"FINAL FANTASY is a huge franchise, one of the biggest of all time. So doing this live-action spot was an incredible responsibility. We set out to capture the spirit of adventure that was everywhere when the franchise launched back in 1987, and use that to showcase the emotion and fun of FFXV.” said Josh Smutko, Creative Director at Omelet. He added, “Square Enix is a great partner. They gave us a lot of freedom, but they also collaborated with us the whole way. Together, we were able to make something that lives up to the game."

Stills from the Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 1
"Stand By Me" was shot entirely in Romania's Padina Forest during the Summer of 2016. The thick woods provided the perfect backdrop for a dark and mysterious spot.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 2

We had an incredible and fearless cast of children, who symbolized the four best friends featured throughout the game. We worked heavily with actors on their expressions and movements in order to perfect their individual characters.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 3
"Stand By Me" is full of Easter Eggs but The Galdin Beacon is a reference to FFXV only a hardcore observer will recognize. It plays a very small part in the spot but we wanted to be as true to the game as possible so all of the articles featured on the front page were written from scratch, just for the spot. Disclaimer: the gif wasn’t pulled from the spot, this was taken behind-the-scenes.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 4

The FFXV characters' movements, gestures, and choreography are very intentional. For the spot, we spent a full day in rehearsal and spent a lot of time choreographing during shoot days. Sword movements were very important because many of the scenes focused on fighting a monster to protect the children. As an aside, the hero actors told us that they’d always dreamed of playing super heroes so this shoot was a dream come true.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 5

FINAL FANTASY characters have very specific movements and expressions. We worked heavily with the cast on those individual movements and expressions, so that “Stand By Me” best represented the characters that players have come to know and love.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 6

You can visualize a lot of our inspiration for "Stand By Me" in this shot: E.T., Stranger Things, The Goonies, and Stand By Me (the movie), which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 7
This behind-the-scenes photo shows the four heroes and four kids working together to stand up to the Iron Giant which was added in post-production, thanks to our fantastic VFX partners at Luma Pictures. Luma has a great repertoire of films including Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and more. It’s also important to note that the director, Kasra Farahani, has an incredible set design background and his attention to detail made really put this spot over the top.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 8

FFXV's story follows a tight group of friends and it was incredible to see the kids actually become friends during the shoot.

Final Fantasy XV Live-Action TV Spot - Still 9

“Stand By Me” was designed to feel gloomy and mysterious and fog played a big part in creating that. We had a team of fog experts who used different types of fog so that we had some that moved and stuff closer to the ground. It was tricky to work with because we shot in a forest, which was inherently windy. That affected the shooting schedule but we’re very happy with the final effect. What’s also cool is that all of the weapons, except for the main sword, were made and hand forged specifically for this spot. The heroes’ outfits were also made just for this shoot and we worked with three different factories in Bucharest to make that happen.