Felspire Skips The Appetizers And Gets Straight To The Main Course

Posted on July 24, 2015 by
Felspire Skips The Appetizers And Gets Straight To The Main Course

If you're tired of the tedious grinding in your everyday MMORPG, than look no further! 37Games is launching a new, fast-paced ARPG that promises to get straight to the good stuff. Coming this August, Felspire does all the routine work for you so players can skip right to the PvP arenas, challenging dungeons, and massive guild battles.

According to 37Games, this RPG that plays like an action game is "set in the fantasy world of Eremos, where the mysterious Felspire continues to be a source of contention for the locals and foreigners alike. As some believe it to be a portal from underworld to the land of mankind, there are those waiting for an opportunity to seize it for their licentious deeds. For other humans, Felspire is rumored as a source of infinite power. No-one can seem to agree on its origin or its future use - but there is one thing that can be guaranteed - war."

The tempo for this game will be quicker, which sets it apart from other RPG's, and because of the intelligent auto combat system, players can skip the tedious grinding and enjoy the best parts of an RPG right from the beginning.

Felspire also incorporates a random loot system and refining system which allows players to collect gear, completely customize their character, and create their own unique sets of gear. And with dungeons scattered across the landscape of Eremos, players and their party members will get to experience different kinds of challenges. Felspire will also have The Guild system which includes Guild Hall, Alchemy, Guild Vault, Realm, and Flea Market, letting players build a faction from the ground up!

So grab a weapon, bring a friend, join the fray, and check out the Felspire trailer below!