Felspire Launches August 7th!

Posted on August 6, 2015 by
Felspire Launches August 7th!

Closed beta has come to an end but this ultra-fast MMORPG won't be gone for long. Set to officially launch on August 7th at 9AM EDT, 37Games is adding the finishing touches and implementing suggestions from the Felspire community, to create awesome features such as three different classes, customizable skills, and epic gameplay.

Felspire will offer three different classes, with each class able to advance four times, resulting in fifteen different specifications in total. To advance to a new specification, players will be tasked with passing a proficiency-like test consisting of class-specific quests. Upon completion, characters can then transfer to newer, more specialized roles.

But what would a character be without some customizable appearances and skills? Felspire lets players customize their appearance with 100,000 different pieces of gear to enhance their abilities and offers a bevy of options for setting up and customizing passive and active skills. These abilities can be upgraded with skill points and special tomes which can be specialized towards PvE or PvP gameplay.

Along with this, the PvP arena in Felspire allows players to roam around the arena, collect stackable buffs, and slay rival players at will. And with other player's kill streaks visible to everyone, you'll be able to single out or avoid the biggest threats in the arena. This game also comes equipped with an auto quest option that allows players to skip straight to the part of the game they enjoy the most.

But no MMORPG would be complete without the ability to play with friends. According to 37Games, "Felspire offers a plethora of dungeons and world bosses for you to hone your skills and earn epic loot. In the early phases of the game you'll find that some of these dungeons and bosses can be done solo. As the game progresses, however, you'll need to gather a group of trustworthy companions to take down the more formidable mobs and bosses."

To make this launch even more epic though, 37Games has incorporated a prize wheel on their website. Stop by and spin to gain extra diamonds for you character! There will also be more events available in-game so get there early to get a leg up on your competition.