FallenSouls: Fire War Globally Launched on Windows Phone Store

Posted on December 28, 2015 by
FallenSouls: Fire War Globally Launched on Windows Phone Store

Miracle Games has recently announced that their MMORPG FallenSouls: Fire War has been launched globally. The game is available on the Windows Phone Store.

FallenSouls: Fire War takes place in a kingdom ruled by three races: humans, orcs, and the undead. All three races are trying to fight against Leviathan, a great beast that is bringing the world closer and closer to destruction, and players will take control of a hero from one of those races. The game also allows players to recruit mercenary monsters, build their own castle, and help out guilds in the fight against the Leviathan.

"FallenSouls: Fire War, as our starter Windows phone product, sufficiently proves that we are optimistic about the prospects for an exception in the Windows market," says Michael Leader of Miracle Games. "We are committed to the United Kingdom before domestic market development and expansion. Until earlier this year, Microsoft officially announced the releasing of Windows 10, we realized: for us, this will be a great opportunity. So five months later, we officially released the first Windows platform product FallenSouls: Fire War."

The Facebook page for FallenSouls: Fire War can be found here.