Failbetter Games Releases "Cabinet Noir"

Posted on August 29, 2012 by
Failbetter Games Releases

Failbetter Games, the creator of the online Night Circus game and Fallen London, has recently announced the release of their latest online game: Cabinet Noir.

Cabinet Noir takes place in the time of 17th century Paris where the players take the role of one of Cardinal Richelieu’s many spies. Lead writer Nigel Evans says that this is a game that will force players to make difficult choices as the narrative goes on and that it is a world where no one is completely good or bad. It is a game that asks players how far they are willing to go to further an agenda that is not theirs.

Cabinet Noir was created with the StoryNexus creation platform and is free-to-play. A social account is not needed for this game nor upcoming StoryNexus games; an email account will suffice in accessing the games.

Cabinet Noir can be found here.