Eschatos and Judgement Silversword - Resurrection Coming To Steam

Posted on September 14, 2015 by
Eschatos and Judgement Silversword - Resurrection Coming To Steam

Two classic arcade shooting games, Eschatos and Judgement Silversword- Ressurection, will be arriving on steam later this week in hope of bringing these excellent games to a wider audience.

Eschatos is a vertical shooting game designed for high tempo thrills. After a mysterious alien invasion called "Purple Erosion" threatens to invade the earth, players are tasked with repelling the invasion and recapturing the moon using an advanced space fighter. With three different weapons to choose from, you must use them effectively to defeat the armada of UFO's and other strange enemies before they blast you to pieces. Although the scoring system is simple and intuitive as players must destroy the enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible, mastering this is extremely difficult as enemies movie very quickly themselves! Along with this, the dynamic camera system creates a sense of exhilarating speed as players explore five beautiful stages, including earth's orbit and the alien moon base.

Judgement Silversword, the inspiration and predecessor for Eschatos, has a distinctive 8-bit look with superficially simple mechanics that involve using three weapons efficiently to destroy enemies as quickly as possible. However, mastering this is deceptively difficult, giving the game a lot of depth and making it a favorite for score chasers. Sold together in a dual pack with Judgement Silversword is Cardinal Sins which puts a twist on the shooting genre by dividing the stages into themed objectives based on the "Seven Deadly Sins". If you can survive the seven trials, you will get to face the Judge!

All 3 games are available in the Eschatos Wonder Pack: A deluxe pack including Eschatos, Judgement Silversword, Cardinal Sins, and the original OST. Eschatos and Judgement Silversword will be available on Steam on September 18th.