Epistory Now Available on Steam

Posted on March 30, 2016 by
Epistory Now Available on Steam

Indie developer Fishing Cactus has recently announced that their game Epistory has recently been released on Steam. The first half of the game was originally playable in Early Access, but now the full game is available to play on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

Epistory is a game where players take control of a girl riding a three-tailed fox. She is on a mission to discover the source of an invasive dark force that is blighting the land. Her search will take her through forests, into dungeons, across scorched plains, and even into lost cities. The game has a keyboard-only control scheme where players unleash magic, solve puzzles, explore the environment, and defeat foes through typing.

Epistory will have two modes: Story and Arena. Story Mode allows players to experience the story and delve into its mysteries. Arena Mode throws players into an endless fight, challenging them to defeat as many foes as possible to score high on the leaderboards.

More information can be found on the official game site.