Elsword Rises Hot from the Ashes: Prelude to Season 2!

Posted on December 2, 2015 by
Elsword Rises Hot from the Ashes: Prelude to Season 2!

Only 2 days into December and players can already expect some MASSIVE updates to Elsword throughout the winter season and then some! Tonight's patch starts the Elsword extravaganza off right with the Prelude to Season 2.

KOG has put a whole new spin on character creation and story-telling. All Elsword characters will now start the game from within their own specific, story-driven tutorial (or zone). These epic quest zones delve deeper into what many players have always wanted to know: What's my character's story and why are they involved in this massive RPG? These new starting points will offer a glimpse and more.

It's not all story time and lollygagging in Season 2. Day one gets a little heated with a formal introduction. Enter: Perkisas, the all-new, red dragon Raid Boss. As the living incarnation of greed, the massive embodiment of insatiability, Perkisas ushers all other Raid Bosses aside, and tears into our gallant band of Elsword heroes quicker than Santa through a plate of hot cookies. However, there's a big difference between the Perkisas encounter and all other previous Raid Bosses. This all new, 8-man Raid Content isn't end-game only... All players, level 15 and up, get a shot at Perkisas. This big bad greed monger doles out death with equal opportunity.

Perkisas is a giver. He brings with him a completely remodeled and upgraded Raid Mode. The new Raid Mode has a new UI that displays a scoring system, reward/loot info, Boss health status and an epic ranking system for both individual Characters and Guilds. And, that's not all, Resurrections will be unlimited! Can you tear down this platform-based (yes...platform) monstrosity before the 12 minutes runs out?

But it doesn't end there! Season 2 will carry on through December and the holiday season with some more major updates. Though too much detail cannot be revealed just yet, here are some cryptic hints - all Elsword characters will be granted a whole new look on life. Some will get a fresh coat of paint, others, a full ground-up restoration. We'll be sending the ElGang out to study abroad; and immersion program with a completely new skill set. There's more to it than just fun and games though. KOG Games will be overhauling their customer support system to allow a more direct, holistic, and engaging approach for both their Community outreach and GM and Support staff.

In celebration of all the new happenings in Elsword, players can enjoy the free, Level 70 (plus 2nd Job Change) Level Boost event. Play on one of the specified dates and watch out for the chance to boost your character to Lv. 70 and complete the 2nd Job Change for free, instantly: 12/4 â€" 12/6, 12/11 â€" 12/13, 12/18 â€" 12/20 (Friday to Sunday, weekly). When a level boost has been successfully executed, players will receive some awesome loot to go with it. Visit the website to learn more.