Elsword: Eve and Chung Are Reborn

Posted on January 27, 2016 by
Elsword: Eve and Chung Are Reborn

Elsword's next installment of their Season Two update series has launched with the all-new Royals series! The latest in-game updates feature a full makeover for Eve and Chung. From their in-game models and illustrations, rebalances to power, effectiveness and application to a number of casts/skills, both characters have received a refined attack combo Command entry (basic attacks).

As with all Season 2 character updates, the Skill Tree revamp includes new character information, character intro and primary skill upgrades. Players can learn skills automatically by reaching certain levels and the Skill Tree now shows skills players can learn, sorted according the skills' level and players no longer need to choose between skills! Additionally, new attack combo commands are now listed showing commands for each action.

For those following the all new, star-studded English Voice Overs. Fear not! Though the new Voice Overs for Eve and Chung won't be applied in this patch, they will be available very soon!

To kick off the update, Elsword is hosting an Eve and Chung Season 2 Celebration Sweepstakes! Beginning January 27th through February 9th, players can play as the new Nasod Queen and Iron Guardian for a chance to win K-Ching, plus killer Elsword Season 2 commemorative swag! Players can log onto the game, create both Eve and Chung characters and play for two hours each ... it's that easy.

For all sweepstakes details visit www.elsword.com.