Dungeon Defenders II Gets New Update on PlayStation 4

Posted on December 1, 2015 by
Dungeon Defenders II Gets New Update on PlayStation 4

Trendy Entertainment has recently released a new update, titled "Loot & Survive," for Dungeon Defenders II.

Dungeon Defenders II is an action tower defense game set in the magical world of Etheria. Players are tasked with building champions and defenses, using one of four Heroes and an arsenal of towers to stand up against a horde of enemies led by the Old Ones. The game also contains classic roleplaying elements such as loot, leveling, and pets.

The new update contains the following:

  • Improves character progression in the pre-alpha access title by raising the Hero level cap from 25 to 50.

  • Rewards players with special awards, such as skill spheres, as they advance.

  • Up to four bonus slots can be unlocked in the Hero deck as players progress, and hitting the level limit with one Hero provides an experience boost for the rest of the deck.

  • More companion pets to collect, and some are capable of evolving, gaining new abilities and appearances in the process.