Duke Nukem Forever Review

Posted on June 26, 2011 by
Duke Nukem Forever Review

Review by Jason Venter.

It's important to remember something any time you put a disc in your PlayStation 3, grip your controller and prepare yourself for what you are about to experience: games are supposed to be games. They can be other things that today's gamer seems to crave--artistic, profound and meaningful--but at the end of the day, video games exist as a medium because people saw how cool video was and they figured it was high time interactive entertainment evolved to take advantage of the new medium. Do yourself a favor and keep all of that firmly in mind if you ever decide to play Duke Nukem Forever.

Because boobs. Duke Nukem Forever is a game with lots of boobs, and there's poop that you can throw at walls and there are aliens impregnating Earth's women and there are more boobs--you can even slap some that are just hanging from walls--and there is a strip club and bloody body parts fly everywhere when you fry an alien with a gun you carry around that's the size of a large microwave. There's also a lot of ****ing profanity, mother****er! ****, there's a lot of profanity!

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