Dragons Spear Coming Soon & Evil Is Coming With It!

Posted on August 20, 2015 by
Dragons Spear Coming Soon & Evil Is Coming With It!

The Evil Queen Edaliya has arrived and it's up to you, the Savior, to fight these evil forces in the fantasy world! The new MMORPG by NGames, Dragons Spear, is based on European fantasy and will feature rich class skills and spectacular skill effects, giving players a real combat experience in this thrilling and risky quest game.

The Evil Queen Edaliya waged war from 689-563 which ended the Dragon's reign, leading to Edaliya's Evil Age. During this darkest age in Dragaeri history, Colin, an expert in dark magic, volunteered to fight for the Evil Queen in fear of the queen's power or possibly, a more devious scheme. Making her army even stronger is the raging Deathlord King Ukuri and Fire Snakeman, and unidentified individual who recruits soldiers for them.

Though the people of Dragaeri have fought against the Evil Queen several times, no attempt has been successful. But there are rumors of a legendary hero hidden somewhere in Dragaeri, someone waiting for their chance to reappear. Or, just maybe, it's simply a figure living in the dream of those desperate people.

And if this tantalizing storyline doesn't seem epic enough, Dragons Spear offers up some amazing features as well. These include realistic scenes and maps to create an authentic experience, multiple ways to level up, social features such as an in-game chat channel, and carefully designed dungeons.

Dragons Spear also incorporates multiple systems to help you make the most of the game. To increase combat power, the game offers Gear, Mercenary, Mount, and Skill systems. The Guild System is also available where players can create or join guilds, enter guild instances, and battle it out in guild wars to receive rare items.

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