Dragon Quest III Available on Mobile Devices

Posted on December 4, 2014 by
Dragon Quest III Available on Mobile Devices

Square Enix has recently announced that Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation is now available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices.

The Seeds of Salvation is the third game in the Erdrick Saga. It takes place in the kingdom of Aliahan and stars a sixteen year old whose father, the legendary hero Ortega, was slain by the Archfiend Baramos. The hero now must do what their father could not: defeat Baramos. They’re not alone in the fight, however; they can recruit other adventurers to help out.

Some key features in the updated version of this game include new mini-games to unlock powerful items not in the original game, bonus dungeons and locations to explore after beating the main game, nine different vocations for characters that can be changed freely, a freely customizable party with an in-game personality system that makes every party unique, and redesigned controls to make it easier to play on mobile devices.

The game is currently on sale for $9.99.