Dragon Fin Soup Released Today

Posted on November 3, 2015 by
Dragon Fin Soup Released Today

Grimm Bros has recently announced that their RPG-roguelike Dragon Fin Soup has released today. It is available to play on PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation Vita.

Dragon Fin Soup takes place in the world of Asura, and its main character is a girl named Robin. While Robin physically resembles Little Red Riding Hood, her personality is that of a raucous and bawdy alcoholic, with a tendency to slip into berserker rage after chugging down one too many health potions. Robin is on a journey to discover the secrets of her past, and it is up to the players to help guide her through Asura.

Dragon Fin Soup will have three different modes to play in. Story Mode is a narrative-driven campaign where players help Robin discover her past. Survival Mode is a classic roguelike dungeon crawl. Endless Labyrinth Mode puts players into a procedurally generated dungeon and challenges players to go as far as they can.

Dragon Fin Soup will be free to download throughout November if you have PlayStation Plus. It is also available on Steam for $19.99, with a 10% discount during its launch week.