Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh Announced

Posted on May 20, 2015 by
Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh Announced

Saibot Studios has recently announced that the fourth episode of the Doorways horror series, titled "Holy Mountains of Flesh," is coming.

In Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh, players once again take the role of special investigator Thomas Foster. He has a new case: he must capture a family of lunatics led by Juan Torres, also known as 'El Asador.' Juan and his family are the subjects of many rumors within the small Argentinian town of El Chacal; such rumors talk of dark magic, cannibalism, and several other unpleasant things.

Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh features gameplay similar to that of the previous episodes, focusing on first-person horror exploration and puzzles. The game seeks to drive players into claustrophobic and gloomy settings, promising rewards to those who have the courage to brave them. The game will be developed in Unity 5 to make use of physically-based rendering, allowing for the creation of more realistic environments.

The game is slated for release in the second half of 2015.