Darkest Dungeon

Posted on May 28, 2015 by
Darkest Dungeon

Red Hook Studios has recently announced that their game Darkest Dungeon has gotten a major update: "Fiends and Frenzy."

"Fiends and Frenzy" introduces two new classes of heroes: the Man-At-Arms and the Arbalest. It also introduces three new deadly bosses, one for each dungeon area. The Gibbering Prophet now haunts the Ruins, the Formless Flesh now lurks in the Warrens, and the Brigand Cannon now lies in the Weald.

The game also has several new features. The Ancestor's Trinket set is a group of very rare items, some of which can only be found in pitch darkness. The Ancestor's Statue is a new building in the hamlet, allowing players to access previously viewed cutscenes and the backstories of bosses. Trinkets can be sold for coin, heroes can suffer heart attacks if stress climbs too high, and healing moves can have critical hits, allowing for greater health gains.

More information on what the latest update contains can be found here.