Dark Shadows - Army of Evil to be Released Soon

Posted on November 28, 2012 by
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil to be Released Soon

On November 29th, 2012, a new indie game will be released: Burian Media Enterprises’ Dark Shadows - Army of Evil.

Dark Shadows is a medieval first-person slasher in which players take control of a knight. The kingdom is being assaulted by monsters, monsters responsible for attacking the king and kidnapping your love interest Katarina. In order to rescue Katarina and save the kingdom from a brutal ravaging, the knight must cut his way through the horde.

The game features 19 levels, each one with their own atmosphere and mood, as well as 18 different weapons that players can use to wreak havoc. While the majority of the gameplay seems to focus on slashing down monsters, the game will also test the players’ wits and observation through puzzles.

Dark Shadows will be available for digital download through several distribution platforms such as Gamersgate and Desura.