Crusader Kings II "The Reaper's Due" Releasing on August 25

Posted on August 2, 2016 by
Crusader Kings II

Paradox Interactive has recently announced that the latest expansion to Crusader Kings II, titled "The Reaper's Due," will be released on August 25.

"The Reaper's Due" introduces the Black Plague to the game, giving players a new challenge to overcome. There will be new mechanics for medicine and disease, and players will need to find a way to survive while the Black Plague ravages their country.

"The Reaper's Due" will launch with a new content patch for Crusader Kings II. The new patch will have new updates regardless of whether or not the player has bought “The Reaper’s Due.” The new patch includes:

  • New custom rules to start up for epidemics, invasions, legal changes, and more

  • New options to auto-save the game at different time intervals

  • A new interface to help players better understand the death and succession of rulers

  • Adjustments to how alliances work, including the AI of disloyal allies

  • Improvements to game optimization

  • A "Continue" button on the game launcher to get you to the game map faster

  • New mod triggers to account for "The Reaper's Due"

  • Balance and gameplay tweaks, as well as new events